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International wedding

Coming from different backgrounds adds a lot of colour to your life together. Getting to know each others cultural differences is exciting and surprising and adds depth to your relationship. If you live as Expat in a foreign country, planning a wedding is a time consuming task. Having had my own international wedding, I know which challenges you are facing right now.

Language barrier
First there is the language barrier. Your local language skills probably suffice for doing daily groceries, but it might be a different story trying to communicate with authorities and venues to get everything just the way you envision it to be. Being fluent in 6 languages I can be of great help in this area.

Having an international wedding also is accompanied by a lot of paperwork. Naturally this takes up a lot of time. Especially if you don’t exactly know what is needed or what is asked in the forms. I will be happy to help you fill out the paperwork and, if necessary, accompany you to the proper agencies.

What about your guests? Being an international couple, you probably have guests from different countries. They have to travel to come to your wedding and presumably, they have to be accommodated. Some of your guests might want to lengthen their stay, or come early, to see the local sights. And all these guests have to be transported from and to your wedding venue(s). All this extra sorting out takes your attention from what you really want to focus on: Your Perfect Wedding!

Having a lovely wedding costs money and to plan this memorable day, you have to know what the budget for your wedding is going to be. Knowing what is possible within that budget is a different story. Because of my experience, I know all the ins and outs of getting married, especially as an expat. I can help you figure out the possibilities within the budget, for your special day.

Different traditions
Each country, and in some countries each area, has its own wedding traditions. It is very important to make sure these traditions are communicated to each other. Being aware of the traditions of your true love makes this day an even bigger adventure. Building bridges between two cultures is one of my specialties and joys. It’s what makes a wedding truly international!