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About your wedding planner

My name is Beatrice Betley. And, I too, had an international wedding 7 years ago. I was born in Germany and moved to the Netherlands in 1976. After I studied and graduated in Germany (Fashiondesign) and Italy (Fashion & Interior Design) I came back to the Netherlands in the late 1990’s.  So you could say I am an Expat as well as a local!

I worked as a Visual Merchandising Manager, responsible for the 400+ Pan-European stores of a global footwear retailer. I had my own Interior Design agency and have worked for many years in Global Sourcing and Procurement in the fresh produce industry collaborating closely with people from countries as far as Chile and Peru to India and New Zealand.

As a Wedding Planner and Wedding Designer I have just attended the first ever EPIC workshop in London, headed by leading wedding Designers Sarah Haywood, Marcy Blum and Diane Khoury. I am proud to be a founding member of the Event Planners International Collaborative.

Why me?
You want your wedding to be all about you. You want someone that understands you, as an International couple, but has the local knowledge and can help you realize your dreams. You want the time leading up to your big day filled with excitement and anticipation, not with stress and headaches. There are so many things that need to be organized. This is where I can assist you.

Are you are looking for a special venue? I will preselect them according to your specifications and you can then choose. Looking for the perfect dress? Let me help you find it. DJ/ Band, photographer? Managing the ever changing guest list? Making sure aunt Minnie and uncle Edward are getting picked up in style form the airport? Flower arrangements, catering, budget control? Let me be the fairy in the background that gets it done for you.

Your wedding should be all about you.I am here to make sure you do not only enjoy the big day itself but also the time leading up to it.

Being a designer, I can visualize your ideas. My previous career in commercial positions ensures I will not shun away from negotiations with vendors. And speaking 6 languages I can organize your wedding even abroad.

From “A” as in authorities to “Z” as in the delicious Zabaione desert. I will be there to see it done.

Let me know what your dream wedding looks like!!