Falling in love…when you live abroad

This was the last thing you counted upon: falling in love. You took that internship, signed up for the post graduate degree at a foreign university or moved abroad for a career choice. And now you are faced with the fact that you are deeply in love and have met the one person you just know you want to share the rest of your life with. A million questions start racing through your head and they are not only the usual ones. “How will this work?”is one of the first ones my couples always told me went through their minds. You are thinking about different cultures, different backgrounds, different languages, different traditions. Will he/ she want to come live with you should live move you to another country or prefer to stay – or move back – to where her or his heritage is, roots are. If any of these thoughts cross you mind, just ask yourself this one question: “Are these MY thoughts or am i anticipating what my FAMILY will think?”And 9 out of 10 it will be the latter. Trust your hart. Trust your instinct and trust your LOVE. Beatrice

Different traditions

I always here little funny stories about different wedding traditions in different countries or regions. And my couples always want them to be integrated into their weddings because not only does this give a personal touch to it but is a way connect with heir roots. This is important, because as an international couple (and I am one myself) you learn to give and take and that also includes your heritage. In a way, you and your partner are like trees that are being replanted. You do not loose your roots – but you grow them in new soil and for a big part the success of your marriage will depend on how open you are to the new nutrients of that different soil or if you will reject them because they taste slightly differently. If you know of any funny wedding traditions share them on my Facebook page, you can win something nice, too 🙂 Beatrice  

Say it today – do not wait until tomorrow

Yesterday I got a bit of shocking news, one of my colleague planners of EPIC lost her husband, too soon. She is about my age, they have children together, and now she has to face it all alone. In my profession we are so engulfed in happy times, couples that promise to love each other for of the rest of their lives we do not even stand still at the thought how short a life could be. We have to learn to cherish every day we have together, not wait for the right moment to tell someone you love him (or her) but just to burst it out when your heart tells you to. Life is to short to have regrets and if the head tries to tell the heart what to do..ignore it 🙂 Your heart never lies Live life, love forever !! Beatrice