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Organising your wedding

Since planning a wedding is very time consuming, you might want to consider using a wedding planner to do the daunting bits. How would this work?

Naturally, we set up a meeting first. You do not need to have all the details ready. It is mainly to get to know each other and to discuss the rough outline of your dream wedding.
Questions you should have asked yourself before you talk to any wedding planner are the following:

– How do you want to get married? Keep in mind, in some countries (as e.g. the Netherlands) you must have married in a legal ceremony before taking a religious blessing. And you must also consider that as an Expat you will need additional documentation most likely from your home country
-Where do you want your wedding to take place? In the Netherlands? Abroad? On the beach (yes, it is possible in, even in Holland!) or in an enchanting castle?
– How many guests do you want to invite? Do you want an intimate wedding celebration with close friends and family or throw a huge party with 500 guests or more?
– What is your budget? This will have an influence on the entire planning of the wedding.

Within 48 hours of our first meeting you will receive an e-mail from me with a summary of what we have discussed and a quote for our services.

Practical example

You want to be involved in every step of your wedding. Here’s a practical example for how I work. Let’s say, you have decided you want to have your wedding in a small castle, situated in a wooded area, invite a hundred guests and party all night long. I will then pre-select venues for you that meet the requirements. Out of the suggested, let us say, 5 venues, you really like the look of two. I will then organize a viewing on location, so you can take the final decision.

All suggestions will include an indication of the cost as quoted by the venues. The same applies to photographers, caterers, florists etcetera.

After every meeting you will receive a summery from me per mail. This way you can verify everything was addressed and if necessary make corrections or changes. Sometimes, after a good night sleep, the colour scheme you decided on might not seem as attractive anymore… Generally, I wait 1-2 days before I proceed to give you time to consider your decisions.

Special tool

As an experienced wedding planner I have developed a special tool for international weddings. Planning an international wedding means a lot of organising. Using this tool makes it very simple to keep an eye on the progress of your planning. I will assist you as Expat to organize the necessary documents. You will feel reassured knowing every little detail is taken care of!

Should you feel comfortable with this approach, I would love to hear from you!