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Wedding Planner

Congratulations! You’re getting married. You have found each other and are the perfect match.

Having different nationalities, or living in a different country, makes your love and lives much more interesting. Although you may have needed to conquer certain scepticism coming from different cultural backgrounds, it has made your bond even stronger. Maybe you speak a different mother tongue, but because you are soul mates, your cultural differences aren’t a burden. They are a mutual source of strength that enriches your lives as a couple. And now, you want to celebrate that love!

International Wedding
Since you have found the partner of your dreams, it’s time to plan your international wedding. Having an international wedding means a lot more work than your regular wedding. What are your different wedding traditions? Who do you invite and where can they be accommodated? Where are you going to have the party? In the Netherlands or abroad? These are only a few of the many questions that rise after the wedding proposal. But that’s not all. Being an expat, there is more paperwork involved and what about the language barriers?

Your perfect wedding
Leaving al the organising to me, you only have to pay attention to the fun things. Buying your wedding dress, tasting the cake and deciding who you want to invite to celebrate your love for each other. I make sure nothing will be forgotten so you can have your perfect wedding!

Organising your wedding
Organising a wedding is a very time consuming task on itself. What dress would you like and where to buy the wedding cake? You may have different wedding traditions? Building bridges between your two cultures and letting the two of you shine as a couple on the most important day of your lives is my specialty. I will make sure your wedding runs smoothly and take care of all the details. With my help, planning a wedding is exciting and fun. Organising a day to remember forever.

Your wedding planner
As an expat wedding planner my added value is in the little things that make a big difference. Making sure that everything is taken care of, from the paperwork to the wedding cake, I will take a load of your shoulders. You can relax and enjoy your time as an engaged couple. You can relish in the exciting anticipation of the best day of your lives.